Joe And Doug Williams

Positive Trends in Real Estate Industry

30 April 2020
Joe And Doug Williams

Covid 19 has had a major impact on residential real estate. However, I do think it will leave behind some positive trends in our industry. For one, the bar is being raised on what we expect from a listing - in terms of the quality of material & accuracy of information. More engaging & more reliable information on each home benefits everyone in the industry, agents & consumers alike. The listing should convey the most information possible so that a would-be buyer can determine if it is worth an in person showing. With or without a pandemic - this is a good way to showcase homes. It may reduce the number of private showings but it will increase the quality of showings. Less headaches for sellers (constantly cleaning & leaving their home), and less time wasted going through mismatched homes for buyers. 

We are also seeing improved communication & transparency between agents. Agents are taking the time to discuss what their client’s expectations, needs and wants are, before a showing takes place. If a buyer and seller have completely misaligned goals, then an in person showing can be smartly avoided. Best practice is for listing agents to qualify buyers who wish to view a home. Buyer agents should review the listing carefully, and ask pointed questions about the home so that they can determine if it is a good fit for their clients.  This is a more efficient way to operate and it simply requires good lines of communication between agents. 

Whether working for buyers or sellers over the past 2 months we have been adjusting to the new landscape and following best practices for all parties involved. If you are wondering how covid19 has impacted real estate - or are just looking to chat - reach out anytime.


Joe & Doug