Joe And Doug Williams

Preparing Your Home for Sale

02 January 2020
Joe And Doug Williams

Thank you to everyone who donated to our food drive! Although we run the campaign in December - Doug is a weekly volunteer - so we are always happy to pick up and deliver your donations.

If selling your home is on the horizon in the near or medium term, it is worth starting the preparation process sooner than later. As with most things - it usually ends up being more work than initially expected. Give yourself some runway to work with.

There are few things more stressful than buying a home, and then feeling like you are racing the clock to get your own home on the market. 

The prep work for your home may include renovations, repairs, decor changes, decluttering, cleaning and staging. We can help advise on how extensive the changes should be in terms of maximizing impact, while also minding your limitations.The efforts really do pay off - in the form of a quicker sale and a higher selling price (the two are intrinsically linked). 

In most situations we don’t recommend large scale renovations - but we often recommend modest updates to key rooms and areas - including the front exterior, kitchens and baths. We almost always recommend taking care of nagging obvious repairs that might distract potential buyers. Relatively inexpensive decor changes - like changing light fixtures can have a big impact. Almost every house can benefit from decluttering and cleaning. Sometimes staging with rented furniture is appropriate - but it has to work with the overall feel of the house. When furniture looks out of place - it gives the feeling of inauthenticity which can be a turn off to buyers.

Every house is different, and every homeowner has their own limitations. With a busy family - turning a house into a showhome isn’t often realistic. We can work with you to find that sweet spot of what is sensible and impactful. 

As always - we thank you for your referrals - and we look forward to speaking with or seeing many of you in 2020!


Joe & Doug