Joe And Doug Williams

Should I wait to Buy my Forever Home?

01 November 2019
Joe And Doug Williams

   Deciding when you are going to enter the housing market is a tough choice. Buying a home can seem like such a monumental, and permanent decision. For some first time buyers - they feel like they have to get it 100% right, and find a “forever home.” Although we would love to help first time buyers find a “forever home,” statistically its not likely. These days, homeowners in Canada will own on average 4-5 different homes in their life. 

          I think this stat helps deflate the pressure to find a “forever home” when you are entering the market. Moving is tough business. So you don’t want to buy a home that you are going to grow out of too quickly. But on the other hand - a home that is appropriate for 5 to 10 years is a nice realistic goal.  

You never know what life is going to hand you - a promotion, a financial set back, a job opportunity abroad, or a growing family. Career changes are increasingly common in an ever changing economy. You do your best to choose a home that will suit you in the near to medium term. Once you own a home - you move up and down with the market for a multi-decade stretch. Upsizing or downsizing when you need to. Buying and selling in the same conditions, which reduces the mental stress of trying to time the market.  

          We are reluctant to say - don’t overthink it - because it deserves lots of careful thought, but there are too many variables in life to properly predict your long term housing needs. So do your best planning, but don’t beat yourself up if your needs change. Moving is a pain - but its a reality for most of us every 5-10 years! We try to reduce the pain of moving - and help you find a home that you can be comfortable in for as long as possible. As always - we appreciate your referrals to friends & family.

Joe and Doug