Joe And Doug Williams

Private Showings vs Open Houses

15 March 2019
Joe And Doug Williams

Only a small percentage of homes for sale are available via open house on any given week. An even smaller percentage of homes are on open house, on the day that you are available to view homes. The best way to tour homes is to schedule showings with your agent. Not only will you see more homes - seeing homes in private is a better experience than surfing open houses.

You can get excited without reducing your negotiating power in front of a listing agent. And you can openly criticize the house without feeling awkward. Win-win.

We recommend scheduling around 4-6 homes for a typical tour. Good to compare and contrast the available best options. We typically advise against viewing more than 6 at a time, as fatigue can set in, and the details of each home can run together.

It is a good idea to wear shoes that you can slip on and off easily, as you will be in and out of lots of homes. Expect that each home will take about ½ an hour. So a tour of 4-6 homes, will require 2-3 hours.

As we take our clients through homes, we provide them with a background of the home, the neighbourhood, and recent nearby sales.

Looking to get the search started? Reach out and we can organize a tour of homes with you. As always we appreciate your referrals to friends & family.


Joe & Doug