Joe And Doug Williams

When to Start?

15 January 2019
Joe And Doug Williams

The New Year is often a time for big decisions and goal setting. If you plan on moving in 2019, now might be a good time to start your home search.

For most people the home search will start online. We also recommend connecting & conversing with your realestate agent early on in your process.

You can discuss market conditions, neighborhoods, and the process in general. Your agent can help make your search more efficient by pointing you in the right direction. Also, your agent can start networking with colleagues and potential sellers, with your future home in mind.

Listing activity is generally light in January and steadily increases as we move into Spring.

Everyone moves at their own pace, but if you are thinking of buying in the next 6 months to a year, we recommend starting the search sooner than later. By starting early in the year you will come to a better understanding of available options, and your own preferences. You may be ready to act in the winter when less people are looking seriously. Or you may need many months to find the diamond in the rough you are looking for. Either way - good to get the wheels turning soon if buying in 2019 is one of your goals.

Call us anytime to chat about the process. We welcome all inquiries and love to talk about realestate. Thank you for your referrals to friends and family. Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to 2019.


Joe & Doug