Joe And Doug Williams

Clutter, Our Mutual Enemy

15 October 2018
Joe And Doug Williams

Eventually you will move. Might as well declutter often. It is vital when you list your home. It will make your move easier. Even if your move is years away – go ahead and declutter anyway – it will probably improve the quality of your life in the meantime!


  • You can sell your house for more money because it will present better
  • You will save money in moving costs, and storage fees
  • You will save money because you will actually find things that you are looking for, and this will reduce the number of times you buy things twice
  • You will save time because cleaning & keeping your home up is easier when it is organized
  • It will help reduce anxiety
  • You will look after & care for items that are consciously saved and organized
  • It can reduce the amount of space you need. Maybe downsizing into a condo doesn’t look so crazy after all?

Helpful Tips

  • If you haven’t used it in a couple of years – it might be time to donate, sell, or toss it out
  • Are you better off renting an item instead of owning it? ex: cross country skis for someone who goes once a year
  • Is it sentimental or do you just wish it was sentimental? How often do you revisit this quasi-sentimental item? Ex: Old high school homework
  • Secondary markets can be a let down or a revelation. You may only be able to sell an item for a small fraction of what you originally paid for it. But remember – you can re-acquire a similar item from someone else for a similarly cheap price! Here’s the bad news about pianos: they are almost impossible to sell for a meaningful amount of money. The good news is – if you ever want a piano – they are amazingly inexpensive on the secondary market!
  • Start somewhere, anywhere. Start with a single room or even a drawer.
  • Lean on companies & organizations when appropriate – i.e. charities that accept furniture donations, junk removal companies, and professional organizers.

We have helped lots of clients prepare their home for selling. We are happy to provide the contact details of companies and organizations that can help with your decluttering journey. Reach out anytime with your questions about home preparation or the real estate market.


Joe & Doug