Joe And Doug Williams

Pets in the House

20 August 2018
Joe And Doug Williams

Pet owners love their animals, and many people view them as members of the family. They are often a highlight of a home. Despite their oversized place in our lives – a pets’ presence should be as minimized as possible when your home is for sale. It is all part of the unfamiliar feeling that comes with de-personalizing & preparing your home for sale.

Pets can damage a home, and even if in reality they have minimal impact – for some people they are a turn off. Concerns include:

  • Wear & tear on floors, doors and other surfaces
  • Odours (owners can become desensitized to minor smells in their homes).
  • Damage to yards & gardens
  • Perceived dirtiness
  • Allergies

If you are a pet owner, there are some helpful steps you can consider when your home is for sale.

  • Reduce the number of little shrines & references to your pet (“Jack Russell Barking Only” novelty sign for example)
  • Put away food bowls, food bags, crates, and pet toys
  • Deep clean, and air out your house to reduce odours
  • Find a place for your pet to stay when your home is for sale. If not overnight – then for the duration of the days. It will be better for your pet – and help expedite the home selling process.
  • Side note – some people find reptiles creepy (sorry snake, lizard & turtle owners) – so make sure they can go to reptile camp when your house is for sale.

Having your house for sale is not fun. It can feel strange, and uncomfortable de-personalizing the place you call home. With good agents – you should be able to move through the process swiftly, and achieve a strong price. That wayyou can go back to living in your home – as it was meant to be -as your home! Reach out to chat real estate with us anytime and thank you for your referrals to friends and family.


Joe & Doug