Joe And Doug Williams

3 Weeks Can Feel Like a Long Time!

20 April 2018
Joe And Doug Williams

It takes an average of 20 days for a property to sell in the GTA right now. This includes all property types (condos & freehold houses), and price ranges. Of course – different market segments behave differently. It is worth noting that days on market stats can be unreliable because some properties are listed multiple times before they sell.

But to generalize, 3 weeks to a month is a lean average days on market – compared to most other markets in Canada and worldwide.

However, just because your house has been on the market for the average amount of time, for your neighbourhood – doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful. 3 weeks can feel like a long time when you are waiting for an offer.

Many people are surprised by how stressful it can be when their house is for sale. So before you decide to sell – take your own personality, and your tolerance for stress into consideration. Depending on your moving goals, your finances and your personality – selling, before you buy your next house, might be appropriate. This lessens the pressure to sell within a certain time period, and for a certain amount. If you sell first, when you go out “house shopping” – you will know exactly how much you have to spend. Selling first – is not without its downsides though. Once the house is sold – the clock is ticking to find the next one!

Whichever route you choose – we can hold your hand (proverbially of course) through the entire process and lessen the stress. We are happy to chat houses, the market or the process of moving anytime. We appreciate and value your referrals to family & friends.