Joe And Doug Williams

Process of Elimination

05 March 2018
Joe And Doug Williams

Finding your next home can be exciting. There are so many different and interesting options! But the house hunt can be exhausting too. And it can be difficult to stay on track. Since so many homes meet our basic needs of living, when we see something enticing, but impractical, we can convince ourselves that we can make it work.

Although you may find a home interesting or exciting – it still may not be the right fit.

For most people – the best way to find a home is via a process of elimination – not pure selection.You should determine what your must -haves are – and eliminate the neighbourhoods, and home types that do not have these items, or that do not fall into your price range!

Once you have established what is most important – and have eliminated the distractions – you can turn the search back over to your heart!

If you don’t eliminate options – your heart can drag you around the province, rationalizing all sorts of enticing but poor options for your long term lifestyle.

In real life – it is usually not as simple as just setting the parameters once and picking the best home. Often the parameters are changed along the way, expanded, narrowed, refined and refined again. That’s OK. Our job is to educate you along the way – and to keep you on track. So that you to end up in a home that makes sense -and a home you love!